Steps to Register Domain Names

The reasons a registration request fails

What takes place after you have registered a domain name?

How long does it take for a new name to show up in the public whois?

What information does a domain's whois include?

How to transfer a domain name between accounts within

How to transfer a domain name between registrars?

How to I get my domain name back after it is deleted?

.name Registration Rules

About .info IDN ( International Domain Name ) Registrations

About .com and .net IDN ( International Domain Name ) Registrations

About .pro domain names

Privacy Registrations - About WHOIS data of your domain names

How to update your domain's whois information

Error messages
552: the name is registered within the last 60 days so it can not be transferred. Or the domain name is in "LOCK" status and can not be transferred or modified.

About our free services

Step 1: Open an account
Open an account the first time you use our registration services. Your account information will be the default Contact and Registrant information for each domain name you will be registering. You may change the Contact or Registrant information at the time of each new registration.

Step 2: Login to your account
Login to the account you first created and select "Register Domains"

Step 3: Check availability
Enter the domain name(s) you wish to register and click "Check". Select from the list of the available names you wish to register and click "Register".

Step 4: Complete registration form
Follow the instructions on the page to continue.
The Registrant, Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact Information are automatically displayed. You may click "Create" to create a new Registrant or Contact if they're different than what is displayed on the form. After you enter the new information, make sure to click "Reload" on your browser to have the new Registrant or Contact information take effect and display on the list for you to choose.

Step 5: Make Payment
Complete and submit the credit card payment form in order to complete the registration. If you do not submit the payment, your registration will not go through. We accept VISA, MC, AMX and Discover, and checks (US checks only).


What takes place after you register a domain name?

A registered domain name itself does not automatically show up on a browser. You need to sign up for a hosting service with a hosting provider in order for the domain name to be viewed by a browser.
You do not need a hosting service if you just want to use the domain name for email only. 007Names provides free email services for the domain names we sponsor. The free email setup is located at the "Free Services" menu of our web site.

How long does it take for a registered name to show up in the public whois list?

It may take up to twenty four (24) hours for a newly registered domain name to become available in the publicly available whois list.

What information does a domain's whois include?

A domain's whois information includes the following:

Registrant (who is considered the owner of a domain name)
Admin. Contact (Administrator contact of a domain)
Billing Contact (the party that is responsible for the domain's billing)
Technical Contact (it can be the same with the admin. or billing contact. It can also be the sponsoring registrar or hosting provider's information)

.name registration rules
2nd Level .name name registrations: If a second level .name domain (for example, is registered first, any registration of a third level name ( is prohibited. The registrant (owner of the domain name) can only setup email forwarding through their registrar or local ISP, not through the registry.

3rd Level .name name registrations: If a third level .name domain (for example, is registered first, the second level name (for example, is no longer available for registration. Any available third level name will be open to registration and email forwarding can only be setup through the registry.

.name email forwarding
If your 3rd level .name name was transferred to us (not originally registered through us) and you wish to setup the email forwarding, you need to complete "Update Domains" from the "Manage Domains" menu first before you set the email forwarding. By updating the 3rd level domain name, you have sent your Registrant and Contact information to the registry and that information needs to match the 3rd level domain name's information before you can create the email forwarding.

.info IDN Domain Names
Currently the registry only offers German Script .info domain names. There may be times when you check a German Script name it returns "Available" but when you submit the registration it fails. The error code in this situation is 510. It means the name has variants and therefore is not available for registration. The registry also blocks some characters upon the request of the host country government.

For .com/.net the reason is likely to be the Invalid Name Servers. If you did not use our default name servers, the name servers you entered are invalid.

For other domain names (.biz, .us, .info....) the reasons could be one of the following:

1. Your Registrant and Contact information have invalid phone format. You need to update them from the "Manage Contacts" menu using the format displayed on the page.

. If you fail to register a .us name, it could be that your NEXUS information is missing. This is a unique requirement from the .us registry. You need to login to your account and select "Update Registrant" from the "Manage Contacts" menu to enter the NEXUS information before you proceed to register a .us name.

About .Pro Name Registrations
AV Object can be reused by the registrant within 30 days (using the same authorization pin) to register other third level names at $125.

You can only register a third level .pro name if you have only one professional credential. If you have two credentials on two different professions, you may register a second level .pro name.

About .com and .net IDN Domain Registrations

We offer .com and .net domain names in 140 languages. Anybody can register an IDN domain name - or - and setup a hosting for it to work.

How to transfer a domain name in your account to another account within
If you sell a domain or give a domain to another party to control, you need to change the ownership (domain account) of the domain name.
You need to obtain the new owner's account name with, then login to your account to do "Change Domain Account" from the "Manage Domains" menu.

How to transfer a domain name between registrars

It is part of the gaining registrar's responsibilities to provide the inbound transfer function.
If you are to transfer domain names to us, you need to login to your account with us to initiate the transfer of the names from the other registrar to us. If you want to transfer names from us to another registrar, you need to go to the registrar of your choice to initiate the transfer.

Restoration of a deleted domain

When a domain name is deleted either by a registrar or by the domain name owner the domain registry will change the status of the domain name to "REDEMPTIONPERIOD". It will stay in this status for thirty (30) days for the original owner to claim it back. After the thirty day period the domain name will be moved to the "PENDING DELETE" status and will stay in this status for five (5) days before it is released to the general public.

The sponsoring registrar of a deleted domain name needs to submit a "RESTORATION" request and then a "RESTORATION REPORT" to the domain's registry only if such a request is initiated by the registered domain name owner. charges $120 for the restoration service. If you have a deleted name and wish to restore it, you need to login to your account to make a deposit for the $80 restoration fee plus renewal fees of the domain name. Upon receiving the deposit we will submit a restoration application on your behalf and the domain name will be back to normal once we have completed the process.

About WHOIS data of your domain names

If you only want to modify existing Registrant or Contacts information, you do "Update Registrant" or "Update Contacts" from "Manage Contacts" menu. Our "Update Registrant" or "Update Contacts'" will automatically send the new Registrant or Contact to the registry if it is a thick registry (responsible for their whois), and the domain names that use the same Registrant/Contact will automatically pick up the new info.

If you create a new Registrant or Contact and wish to have all or certain domain names to use the new one you have created, you need to use "Change Domain Registrant" or "Change Domain Contacts" from "Manage Domains" menu to update the domain whois info to the registry. "Update Domains" will do the same except it only takes care of one domain name at a time.

How to update your domain's whois information